Transforming Nations ministry was founded in Sacramento, California in October 2015 by Mike the organization’s president. 
The mission fieldwork began in Kenya. The ministry grew from sharing the Gospel and helping children, opening an orphanage and a rehabilitation center for homeless kids, to the widows’ ministry,  a Bible school, and new church planting. During this time, God united many wonderful people, friends, dedicated ministers, and missionaries around the world, to form one big family and team.
Seeing the great blessings in our ministry in Africa, we began to see that God is expanding our borders and horizons. Facing people’s pain, challenges, and troubles, we felt a calling to go beyond Africa’s continent to serve and bring the Word of God to different regions of the world. Therefore, the ministry of Transforming Africa became the Transforming Nations Mission.
We encourage each of you to pray for us and become a part of our team. Together, we can transform nations, tribes, towns, and most importantly, by God’s mercy, transform the heart of each person: from glory to glory! (2 Cor. 3:18)