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We thank God that He opens up new horizons for the preaching of His Word. Since January 2022, we have started ministry in Belarus. Here, open evangelism is officially prohibited, but you can talk about God in private. We saw how people are hungry for God and the Good News. We visit a wide variety of people with the preaching of the Gospel - large families, the poor, the sick, and many others.

One girl, Katya, whom we serve, has lost her legs. Previously, she had no feeling in her legs at all, but now there is a positive trend - she began to at least feel pain. Through this situation, Katya and her mother become closer to God. They repented together, but unfortunately, they can rarely attend church, as they live very far away. That is why we bring a spiritual message and brotherly fellowship for them "via home delivery."

Belarus is considered “Europe's last dictatorship”, but even in this hostile environment of persecution of Protestants, more and more people are claiming to be followers of Jesus and we are happy to be a part of this movement.