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Spiritual bread nourishes our soul, while physical bread nourishes our body! In order for us to work with human souls, we first need to meet their basic need - bread!

Transforming Nations is launching a new charitable project in Africa called TN Bakery. It's a mini-bakery that will serve the underprivileged population of Africa, including children from shelters, street children, and widows. This initiative will provide a few job opportunities and teach them how to bake bread themselves. Baking 20-25 loaves of fresh bread daily will help people and children survive in challenging life situations.

Your contributions, no matter the amount, can save lives every day, even if you live on a different continent. In the 21st century, it is much easier to be a philanthropist. Make the decision today to build God's Kingdom right now. Earthly treasures must work properly here on Earth; in Heaven, they're meaningless.

You can find our payment details at the link:


TO: Kenya-general

MEMO: Bread